Trying To Drink Less? Beware The Tolerance Trap

The other day I got an email from someone who follows my blog. She wrote: “I’m so mad with myself. I managed almost a whole month without drinking but for some reason I bought some wine one Saturday evening, at home alone. “I only had one glass that first night and I thought I had […]

A Boring (But Effective!) Tip To Help You Stay On Track

You promise yourself that you’re not drinking. But then… Work was sooo bad, you need a drink afterwards. You go out and everyone else orders wine, so it’s hard to say no. You get home and find your favourite drink chilling in the fridge. Has any of this stuff ever happened to you? This week’s […]

4 Reasons Why You’re Not Taking Action Yet

Does this sound like you? You spend a lot of time thinking about your drinking: worrying and wondering whether you should quit. You buy books about alcohol-free living and follow sober bloggers on Instagram. You wake up hungover and vow you’ll quit – only to question that decision a few hours later. It’s exhausting, not […]

3 Tips For A Successful Sober September

The seasons are changing and that back-to-school feeling is in the air… If you’ve been drinking more than you planned to over the past few months, now is as good a time as any to turn over a new leaf and get back on track. But successful sobriety isn’t just about crossing your fingers and […]

The Joy Of Being Sober For A Weekend In Paris

When I first quit drinking, I thought I was saying goodbye to fun trips away with friends. I couldn’t have imagined going away for a girly weekend in Paris, and watching the people around me sip cocktails whilst I stayed sober. How times have changed! I’ve just got home from a few days in a […]

The Subtle And Often Invisible Benefits Of Sobriety

When it comes to ditching alcohol, there are so many obvious benefits. For example – waking up hangover-free. Saving money. Having more time. Looking less bloated. A lighter recycling bin. Those benefits are GREAT! But to be honest, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath that obvious stuff is a whole other layer of […]

Stop Trying To “Be Good” – Do This Instead

When I was struggling with my drinking, I was always making promises: “I must try to be good this week.”“No wine for me thanks, I’m trying to be good!” When I said “trying to be good,” I meant not drinking, of course. But funnily enough, later in the day I’d convince myself that having one […]

A Lesson In Sobriety From The Barbie Movie

On the face of it, the Barbie movie has nothing to do with alcohol.  (In fact, there are hardly any booze references in the film itself.) However, there’s a brilliant monologue in the middle of the movie that has everything to do with why women drink. It’s so important to talk about the many, many […]

Two Mindset Tips To Help You Enjoy A Booze-Free Holiday

Are you feeling anxious about sticking to your sober goals while you’re away? Perhaps you can’t imagine flying, sunbathing or relaxing without wine.  Maybe you’re so certain you’ll end up caving, you’re wondering if there’s any point even trying.  If this sounds like you, I can help! Today’s video is all about amazing booze-free holidays […]

How I Knew It Was Time To Quit Drinking

How do you know when it’s time to quit drinking or take a break from booze? It can be tough to tell. For many people there’s never a dramatic, rock-bottom moment that forces them to stop. In fact, the call to ditch alcohol can be much more subtle than you might think. So how do […]

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