Before I quit drinking, I spent a lot of time wishing I was a normal drinker.

I was annoyed that I didn’t seem to have more willpower or self discipline. 

(If beating yourself up was a sport, I’d have been in the Olympics.)

If you can relate, this video is for you.

It’s all about ‘normal’ drinking and seeing things from a more useful perspective…

Key points

What exactly is a normal drinker?

Is it someone who stops after one or two drinks? What about celebrations – a hangover is meant to be a sign of a good night, right? Is a normal drinker someone who doesn’t drink every day, or doesn’t drink alone? Who made up these rules?!


Consider this

Perhaps there’s never been anything ‘normal’ about using an addictive drug that causes your brain function to slow down. Alcohol can lead to nausea, vomiting, lethargy, headaches, tremors, heart palpitations, seizures and even death


Appearances can be deceiving

Here’s what I’ve noticed about many of the women who join my stop drinking course, Getting Unstuck: their lives tend to look great on the outside. They can often just have one or two drinks in public. Their friends may have no idea what goes on once they’re back home.


Be kind to yourself

It is intensely painful to think of yourself as weak, broken and abnormal. You can’t shame yourself into quitting – in fact, it’s very hard to make change happen from that negative place. Getting addicted to an addictive drug like alcohol is not a personal failing.


Shift your focus

Let go of the normal drinker obsession and start thinking about your relationship with alcohol as a puzzle. It’s just a pattern of behaviour that served you at one point and now it doesn’t. That’s it. You’re figuring out how to solve this – and that’s something to celebrate.


If you’d like some help and support to quit drinking – and create an alcohol-free life you love – click here for details of my online course.


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