I don’t want to trivialise sobriety, or the deep and meaningful reasons why many people choose to quit drinking. 

But can we talk about the beauty benefits of alcohol free living for a second?

If you (like me) are a little bit vain sometimes – and you do care about the way you look – then it’s important to talk about this.

Alcohol really affects your appearance… and not in a positive way. 

The good news? Sobriety is better than any expensive face cream or beauty treatment, and it works its magic pretty quickly. 

If you need some motivation to stick to your sober goals, let’s talk about the beauty benefits of sobriety…


The weight loss

A large glass of wine contains approximately 200 calories. That’s the same as eating a doughnut. Therefore a bottle of wine is the equivalent of three doughnuts. (I’d never eat three, would you?) 

When I was drinking, I could quite easily knock back an entire bottle of wine, plus a beer or two afterwards – that’s almost 1,000 calories. And I’m not even counting all the other junk food that I’d eat whilst drunk or feeling hungover. 

In the long term, an alcohol-free lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for your health and waistline – just check out these pictures of actress Lisa Riley


Your skin

Alcohol dehydrates the skin and reduces its elasticity. It also increases redness and can leave you looking puffy and bloated.

Dr Jairo Rodriguez, a New York-based nutritionist, told Vogue magazine, “Alcohol is one of the worst, most aggressive compounds in destroying your skin. I always joke with patients, ‘If you want to get older, go ahead and drink!’”

It’s no wonder celebrities like Jennifer Lopez don’t drink for this exact reason. Even Robson Green is said to have given up booze for vanity. 


Take a photo

How much would you pay for something that made you look younger, reduced puffiness and cleared dark circles? I think most people would hand over quite a bit of cash for that! 

When I coach women to stop drinking, one of the first things I ask them to do is take a photo. Six weeks later, they take another. Here’s some recent feedback:

“People have commented about how slim my face is but also how my skin is really good.”
“My eyes look clearer than when I was drinking. And I look less tired.”
“The rosacea on my cheeks is almost non-existent and my skin looks soooo much better and less dry.”
“People are saying my skin looks smoother and my eyes sparklier! I’ve also lost 10lbs.”

Don’t underestimate how much you might change – checkout this article for some impressive before and after pictures.


Double standards

I think it’s worth stopping to consider all the things you do in order to look good. Maybe you’re paying for a pricey gym membership, expensive makeup, anti ageing creams, nails, hair, clothes… it adds up.

We’re always trying to be the best versions of ourselves, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Just make sure you’re not overlooking the simple fix that’s staring you in the face: sobriety.


If you’d like some help to quit drinking and create an alcohol-free life you love, click here for details of my online course.


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