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The Beauty Benefits: Why Sobriety Makes You Look Great

I don’t want to trivialise sobriety, or the deep and meaningful reasons why many people choose to quit drinking. 

But can we talk about the beauty benefits of alcohol free living for a second?
If you (like me) are a little bit vain sometimes – and you do care about the way you look – then it’s important to talk about this.
Alcohol really affects your appearance… and not in a positive way. 
The good news? Sobriety is better than any expensive face cream or beauty treatment, and it works its magic pretty quickly. 
If you need some motivation to stick to your sober goals, let’s talk about the beauty benefits of sobriety…

The weight loss

A large glass of wine contains approximately 200 calories. That’s the same as eating a doughnut. Therefore a bottle of wine is the equivalent of three doughnuts. (I’d never eat three, would you?) 
When I was drinking, I could quite easily knock back an entire bottle of wine, plus a beer or two afterwards – that’s almost 1,000 calories. And I’m not even counting all the other junk food that I’d eat whilst drunk or feeling hungover. 
In the long term, an alcohol-free lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for your health and waistline – just check out these pictures of actress Lisa Riley

Your skin

Alcohol dehydrates the skin and reduces its elasticity. It also increases redness and can leave you looking puffy and bloated.
Dr Jairo Rodriguez, a New York-based nutritionist, told Vogue magazine, “Alcohol is one of the worst, most aggressive compounds in destroying your skin. I always joke with patients, ‘If you want to get older, go ahead and drink!’”
It’s no wonder celebrities like Jennifer Lopez don’t drink for this exact reason. Even Robson Green is said to have given up booze for vanity. 

Take a photo

How much would you pay for something that made you look younger, reduced puffiness and cleared dark circles? I think most people would hand over quite a bit of cash for that! 
When I coach women to stop drinking, one of the first things I ask them to do is take a photo. Six weeks later, they take another. Here’s some recent feedback:
“People have commented about how slim my face is but also how my skin is really good.”
“My eyes look clearer than when I was drinking. And I look less tired.”
“The rosacea on my cheeks is almost non-existent and my skin looks soooo much better and less dry.”
“People are saying my skin looks smoother and my eyes sparklier! I’ve also lost 10lbs.”
Don’t underestimate how much you might change – checkout this article for some impressive before and after pictures.

Double standards

I think it’s worth stopping to consider all the things you do in order to look good. Maybe you’re paying for a pricey gym membership, expensive makeup, anti ageing creams, nails, hair, clothes… it adds up.
We’re always trying to be the best versions of ourselves, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Just make sure you’re not overlooking the simple fix that’s staring you in the face: sobriety.
If you’d like some help to quit drinking and create an alcohol-free life you love, click here for details of my online course.

Hi, I'm Kate

I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab. 


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  1. My skin and hair have never looked better after dry January so I’ve just splashed out on some expensive face creams and first time at a hair salon for years to help maintain my “new look” and reward myself for future sobriety

  2. I am nearly six months AF (thanks to your class!) and I bumped into a friend over the weekend who said, “wow you look great!”. I could tell she couldn’t work out what was different, not told her about my sobriety yet. I have lost a few pounds but my face is a lot less bloated and I think my eyes are whiter.

      1. I’m new to sobriety. Longest I’ve gone is two weeks. But during that short of time my face is a lot less puffy and my skin isn’t as red. And I’ve lost weight. I’m looking forward to seeing and feeling after months of not drinking.

    1. I’m hoping to turn a corner soon, 29 days AF but I’ve had outbreaks around my chin and neck. Could it be toxins leaving the body or perhaps my skin was being dried out by booze which kept the spots away.

  3. I am 71 – but noticed that my right eyelid was starting to droop, after following the course , I noticed a change ! Not nearly so bad in the morning , and generally better all day ! Self esteem improved due to this as , I did not feel I looked so ancient , especially as I seem to spend a lot of my time with others in their fifties ! Tish

  4. Lots of people have commented on how good my skin looks since stopping drinking (nearly 500 days ago now) and I’ve noticed a bit of weight loss since reaching the one year point. Feeling much happier with my appearance, I very rarely wear make up these days, partly because my skin has a more even healthy tone but also partly because I really don’t care that much what anyone else thinks about me. I’m happy with me the way I am (most of the time!)

    1. This is great to hear. I really think sobriety helps foster that “I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks” attitude… and that kind of confidence is very attractive 🙂

  5. My eyes are brighter, so much brighter and I’ve lost that puffiness in my face that I didn’t even realise was there! I look and feel so much better, the looks thing, for us women is a real plus, I’m 56 and I don’t need alcohol to make me look older. I also love the new energy I have, which also shows on my face, I’m so much happier! In fact, I had a frown line, a worry line really, because of all the worry when one goes to bed after drinking and when one goes to bed frowning one wakes up with a big frown and then the worrying about what one did, even if it’s just putting up stuff on social media and sending friends drunken messages. Oh the worry the next morning, the frantic trying to recall what one did, more frowns, which would go throughout the day. The alcohol worry shows on one’s face. I look SO much better AF!

    1. Here’s to no more worry lines! Your post sums up exactly how stressful drinking can be. There’s so much worry about… and that’s not a good look!

  6. How awesome! I’m 30 days AF today and have lost 5 lbs and my skin looks amazing! I’ve read that alcohol consumption causes premature graying as well and when you quit your natural color starts to come back so at 46, I hope this is true!

  7. After 30 days it seems to be taking me longer to see an improvement, my skin is not as red and blotchy but I have dark circles under my eyes, I feel very tired and I have put weight on. But from today I will make more of an effort to drink less soft sugary drinks and snacks, which has been my crutch to stop drinking. Because I was drinking so much I didn’t have much of an appetite so had lost weight but was dehydrated. So let’s see how I am at the end of six weeks, I am keeping my fingers crossed

    1. Hi Una, if you need any more support to stick to your sober goals, definitely check out my online course – I know how tough it is to try and do this alone! It’s much easier with a group behind you and a plan to follow. Here are some more details about the class: https://thesoberschool.com/course/

  8. Eyes, skin, hair & nails have all improved. My day 1 pic and a recent one list like 2 completely different people. Though I know it’s not the same for everyone, the excess weight I carried disappeared fairly quickly, but more importantly it has stayed off.

  9. And not just glowing skin, glowing from within is priceless. Thanks to kates course I have enjoyed being sober for 34 months

  10. I’m 115 days with no alcohol ..( while going through a rough personal patch ) I’ve lost weight .. so many people say I’m glowing.. .. I feel so good inside and out even if my mental health is taking a hit .. so proud of my self for not using alcohol as my crutch to depend on

  11. This was so inspiring to read. Today is day one for me. I have made a choice to really adhere to it. Thank you all for the words of wisdom and advice. I hope that next time I write here I will saying similar things. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  12. I’ll be five months sober tomorrow. I’m proud of myself of sticking to my goal (not drinking three glasses of wine every night)….however the “positive” results aren’t showing one bit!
    My dark circles are still present, I’m more tired, I’ve gained weight (haven’t even changed my eating habits), I suffer with gastritis and this has been the worst bout of it EVER…facial lines have not reduced in the slightest, and still have facial flushing. I know from not drinking is a bonus to heal the liver and other health benefits but seriously can’t see a change at all on the outside!!!

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