Do any of these sound familiar?

“I just can’t be bothered to carry on with sobriety, it’s too much effort.”
“One drink isn’t going to hurt.”
“I was probably overreacting, I don’t really need to quit.”
“People like me don’t change, so I may as well give up now.”

If you’re thinking along these lines, then I know you’re seriously considering drinking this week. Or maybe even tonight.

I used to be an expert at talking myself out of sobriety and slinking off in defeat.

So this week I’m bringing you a blog with a twist… it’s all about the, ahem, ‘benefits’ of giving up on alcohol-free living and going back to drinking. (I hope it motivates you to keep going!)


Reason #1 – Give yourself the gift of a hangover

You planned on having one glass of wine, but somehow, one turned into two and then three… and before you knew it, a whole bottle had vanished. 

You wake up the next morning with a pounding headache and a mouth like the sahara desert. You didn’t clean your teeth or take your makeup off last night. You look (and feel) grim.

Best of all, it’s only 4am. You’re sooo tired, yet somehow you’re also wide awake. The day has already begun.


Reason #2 – Make a fool of yourself in public

You’re at a party and feeling nervous, so you knock back drink after drink. All of a sudden, you’re talking loudly and telling jokes that you find hilarious.

You escape to the dance floor as your favourite song comes on. Your moves quickly attract a few stares.  Wow, you think. I never realised I was such a talented dancer…


Reason #3 – Get into a random argument

You wake up to discover your partner is really, really pissed off. You know you argued last night, but you just can’t remember what it was about. You rack your brain for answers.

It must’ve been serious because you’re getting the silent treatment now. You want to make amends, but what can you say when you just can’t remember what it was about?

You spend the rest of the day scrolling through text messages and trying to figure out who you called, what you said and what you posted on Facebook.


Reason #4 – Feel incredibly unhealthy and ditch all your fitness goals

You’d love to be ‘beach body ready’ but it feels impossible to find the time to exercise or eat healthily. How on earth do other people do it?

You’re always tired. You, carbs and caffeine seem to be in a serious relationship together. Just getting through the day feels like an achievement, never mind cooking healthy food and going to the gym.

Your new year goals (get fit! run a marathon! lose a stone!) feel like a distant memory.


Reason #5 – Reduce your free time to zero

It remains a mystery how some people get so much done in their free time. After drinking on a Friday night you spend Saturday recovering, whilst feeling bad that you aren’t doing all the things you promised you’d do.

Drinking again on Saturday seems like a good idea because a) it’s the weekend and b) you’re feeling rubbish anyway. You promise yourself you’ll start over next week… right?

You arrive at work on Monday morning and a colleague asks what you did over the weekend. “Oh nothing much,” you reply, wondering where the time went.


All jokes aside… don’t give up!

I hope this list helped you play the movie to the end and think through what really happens if you give up and have ‘just one drink’.

If you need a reminder of why alcohol-free living is so awesome, check out this blog post here

I for one am very glad not to be drinking today, or tomorrow, or anytime this week, because I think sobriety ROCKS.

And if you need any help making the shift into a happier, alcohol-free life, check out my online course here.


And finally…

Let me know which of these reasons resonates with you the most. What so called ‘benefits’ have I missed off my list?!

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