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How I Knew It Was Time To Quit Drinking

How do you know when it’s time to quit drinking or take a break from booze? It can be tough to tell.

For many people there’s never a dramatic, rock-bottom moment that forces them to stop.

In fact, the call to ditch alcohol can be much more subtle than you might think. So how do you know when you’ve got to that point?

I asked some of my students what made them decide it was time to quit. I share some of their answers in today’s video – I think you’ll find them both surprising and fascinating!

I hope you found this collection of interviews inspiring and motivating. Remember, there’s never a ‘perfect’ time to quit.

If you’re tired of hangovers ruining your summer, download my free Wine O’Clock Survival Guide below for tips and support.


Hi, I'm Kate

I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab. 


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  1. Thank you for sending this. I am 6 months AF and I often need to hear about others journeys. Drinking is all around me and sometimes it seems as though I am the only one around me that doesn’t drink. People at work are often talking about alcohol. Alcohol is all over the tele, so hearing others sober journeys is a huge help to me.

    1. Congratulations on six months alcohol-free – that’s so awesome! It’s so true that we live in a booze soaked world, but sober badasses are everywhere, you just have to look for us. Happily you’ve found our empowering corner of the internet and you’re so very welcome 🙂

  2. Took the Getting Unstuck Course last year. Great that I could do it in the privacy of my home.
    Kept my notes and remained alcohol free for about 5 months. Not sure what the trigger was, but I started having my wines again in the evening while making dinner and then finishing the bottle of wine before going to bed at 9 pm.And, waking up saying to myself, “this has to change, you can do this !” So, I reexamined the toxic effects of alcohol on the brain, heart, weight gain, not to mention the cost.
    Then I looked at all the benefits of being alcohol free and decided on the upgrade. So glad I took Kate’s class and will be forever grateful for the knowledge I gained in self control, self confidence, and being a healthier and classier middle aged woman.

    Thank you Kate.
    (Feel Free to publish!!!!)

    1. Well done for getting back on track Kathleen 🙂 As I often say, sobriety is such a lifestyle upgrade and free too…

  3. I’ve now been alcohol free for 14 months. This video truly resonated with me: so many difficult truths in these women’s lives. When I made the decision to stop – a decision made from a position of strength and resolve, my life transformed from one of shame and excuses to joyous discovery. There is no going back. I’m 72 and had been a lifelong drinker. If I can do it, so can you.

    1. Thanks Pat, we all have different backgrounds and drinking histories but often the same issues with alcohol. The power is in the connection and community of tackling it together in a fun and empowering way. The doors to my summer masterclass are open to everyone because we can all do it with the right support ❤️

  4. This video, like most if not all the others, resonated with me for certain. Thanks to all of the courageous women who are willing to share their stories. This type of support has been critical for my sobriety which I am celebrating today- 6 months alcohol free. I NEED to hear these stories. Yes, Kate, you do save lives! I am feeling stronger than ever emotionally, physically, and mentally. I behaved similarly to the women in the video while drinking and an reaping the same rewards they have expressed. My next goal is 9 months. With gratitude, Anne.

    1. Timely reminder as I too celebrating my 6 months of AF life. The benefits are enormous but lately I have niggling thoughts about what it would be like to have that drink. It’s everywhere in your face, .., so really have to step back and think hard, to keep my resolve. Which I will. ! Thanks to listening and watching these amazing videos .

      1. Keep focusing on the benefits of AF living Tricia. Alcohol is simply a hangover delivery service and nothing else!

    2. Great to hear you are doing so well and 9 months is a perfect next goal. Soon you won’t be setting goals, just enjoying living in the moment with clarity, focus and ease 🙂

  5. I’m proud to say that I’m still alcohol free, thanks to you, Kate! I took your January 2023 Getting Unstuck course and it was one of the wisest decisions I’ve made. I plan to enroll in the upcoming course starting in July, for a boost! Thanks again, Kate

  6. These ladies comments 100% resonated with me . I took the course last year and I am over 6 months AF. Kate saved my life , my relationship with my children, my marriage but like the last lady my relationship with myself, I too am reconnecting with myself. Thankyou Kate xxx

    1. You are very welcome Penny and well done on putting in the work and achieving six months AF. Keep going because it just gets better and better, trust me 🙂

  7. Been sober for over a year, thanks to your book and your encouragement. Never took your course but I have listened to all your videos ect.

    This last one I related to do well. I did every single thing these women had done too. You are not alone in this struggle to stay AF

  8. Thank you so much! Everyday since May17 is getting better. I can’t wait for the class. I took your advice of not counting days and I I feel less stressed about it. I am also seeking seeking therapy for my mrntal health. Peace Love Kindness to you all!
    Thank you for this program.

  9. I’m 68 years old, and I’ve been doing this for too long. Has anyone ever wondered if it’s too late? Maybe it’s too late for health to improve. Maybe it’s too late for me to change my lifestyle.

    1. Kathleen, it’s never too late to make positive changes in our lives. Significant benefits to liver function and blood pressure can be seen in the first month. Long term benefits to sleep, skin, mood, concentration, memory and over all mental health is so worth it.

    2. I quit at 60, nearly 2 years sober. My work life has improved now I can get through the day with more energy not struggling with a hangover. I have more money. What I need to improve now is my connections with other people and managing emotions. Alcohol numbs you and distracts you from dealing with yourself so you remain emotionally immature and unaware. For a long time I knew it was bad &tried to get sober many times. Pride comes before a fall and I can’t take sobriety for granted hence why I watch Kate’s videos and read her blogs.

  10. To anyone watching this video who may be thinking about stopping drinking- There’s 3 main things I’d say-
    First, as Kate says, there’s a reason you’re watching this.
    Second – sign up for the course!
    You won’t regret it.
    There’s such a big difference between recognising that alcohol doesn’t serve you…. trying all you can to moderate and control it verses making a decision to stop.
    You have one life – Have it back!
    I never get bored of watching these amazing, empowering women telling their stories.
    The third thing I’d say is don’t try to do it alone. Kate’s course and sober community of other women who are just like you, will give you all the tools and resources you need to commit and stick to an alcohol free life.
    Have it!

  11. This has just hugely increased my appetite for the Getting Unstuck course staring next month, can’t wait to learn and connect with others

  12. I was on your April 2021 course and do so well for 8 months, I genuinely thought I’d cracked it. I loved being AF abs had no desire whatsoever to go back. But I slipped up that Christmas and the rest us history. One of the ladies in the video commented about ‘wake up, regret, guilt, repeat’ and that’s where I am now. I’ve signed up for your masterclass to help me refocus. If I did AF before I can do it again. I want to be AF again. Your invitation to the master class couldn’t have landed at a better time. Thank you Kate.

  13. Too true! I quit when a thought woke me in the night during 2020 when I was drinking two bottles of wine a night to cope with the pandemic. The thought was, “This does not bring me joy.” (I had just read Marie Kondo and had gotten rid of all the physical things that did not bring me joy, this was a whole new element of it.) I quit for a couple months, and then had another year of sorting through habits and relapses but I am now happily alcohol free! I think it was in that moment that I realized I don’t have to wait until it gets too bad, it just simply stopped having a place in my life.

  14. I’m someone who learned at an early age to try to deal with problems on my own. Reaching out for support seemed selfish — tying up someone else’s time. Consequently, I’ve tried a million different tricks to moderate my wine consumption ( a half bottle of wine just about every night), but always on my own. Recently, we were told my husband’s deteriorating cognition is most likely due to Alzheimer’s, and my friends have said they’ll help me with the journey ahead. I’m humbled and so grateful. I’m discovering that, sometimes, people are happy to help. I’m hoping that with the support of a wonderful group of women I can deal with this addiction. Lord knows there are going to be some difficult days ahead and, if I’m drinking a half bottle of wine now, where might that lead?

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