This week’s blog is about a sensitive subject: hiding your drinking.

It often starts as something so small you hardly think about it.

You pour some extra wine into your glass and gulp it down before anyone sees. 

Perhaps you have a few glasses on your own first, because you want to make sure you get ‘enough’.

But when your other half comes home, it’s easier to pretend you haven’t opened a bottle yet. 

Today’s video is about the things that just become ‘normal’… when they’re actually anything but:

Key points:

Hiding your drinking

This stuff can be subtle at first, because obviously there’s no law against you drinking alone, or having a few glasses before everyone else arrives. You’re perfectly entitled to do that, of course.

Yet when you find yourself opening a new bottle as if it’s your first, hiding the empties or topping up your drink and hoping no one else notices… that’s stuff to pay attention to. 


Things you ‘just have to do’

You should be able to enjoy a concert, meal, event or a few days away without drinking. When you feel horrified at the thought – and go to extreme lengths to ensure alcohol is available – that’s something to take note of.


Why this matters

Hiding your drinking, or lying about it, shows a disconnect between your behaviour and your values. It’s a red flag. I’m highlighting it here because over time, hiding your drinking can become something you don’t even register. 


What to do next

I recommend taking a complete break from drinking for at least 6 weeks – but ideally longer. That way you get to test drive sobriety and see what it’s all about. You can always go back to drinking at the end of your break (but you might not want to!)

A break is better than stopping from Monday to Thursday each week (I explain why here) or trying to cut down (more on that here). Moderation rarely works out in the long term – it sets you up for failure. 


For help and support to quit drinking, click here for details of my online course.


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