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How to build a sober support network
Who are the people that you spend the most time with, and listen to the most? It’s an important question to ask yourself, because they're likely to be having a far bigger influence on your life than you might have realised...
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Should alcohol be measured in doughnuts?
Alcohol Concern, the people behind Dry January, are currently running a summer campaign called Six Pack Swap. Unlike Dry January, you don’t have to cut out alcohol completely but the idea is to get people moving more, eating less and - crucially - drinking...
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Alcohol and perfectionism
Not a lot of people know this about me, but I am a secret perfectionist. People tend to assume I am one of life’s laid back people. They think I am chilled. Zen. A take-it-as-it-comes girl. I think this is because I am often running late and I tend to...
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5 things AUGUST
5 things to try this August
I love trying out new things and seeing what’s possible. Sometimes it’s the little changes that can make a difference or lead to a breakthrough. Here are 5 things to try that have helped me or that have been really fun to do…
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My crazy drinking rules
The Rules. Ah... the rules. Completely self imposed, they governed much of my drinking life. Long before I really acknowledged I had a problem, I was creating rules about when I could drink and how much I could have. The Rules were my way of trying to...
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The Sober School's guide to... clubbing
All too often, sobriety gets a bad rap. It's just assumed that when you part ways with alcohol, you wave bye bye to your social life at the same time. But this is a myth. An alcohol free lifestyle does not, I repeat not, mean signing up for a lifetime...
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How I knew it was time to stop drinking
There are two questions I get asked a lot about the fact that I don't drink. People who have no problem with alcohol tend to ask, "What made you decide to stop drinking?" This question is usually accompanied by raised eyebrows and a baffled, bemused or...
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When did we normalise abnormal drinking?
I feel very strongly that the mythology around drinking causes a lot of damage. Having moved from a binge drinker, to a heavy drinker, to a drinker in denial, to one struggling to quit and - finally! - someone who is happy not to drink at all, I’ve seen...
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Do I have a drinking problem? One simple test
If you're browsing this website, the chances are that at some point you've googled the question 'am I an alcoholic?' But perhaps a better question to ask is 'do I have a drinking problem?' At The Sober School we tend to use the term 'drinking problem'...
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