At this time of year, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of romanticising alcohol. As the weather gets warmer, alcohol becomes more visible somehow; everyone seems to be outside drinking in pub gardens, or having boozy BBQs in the park. The supermarkets are full to bursting with beer offers and buy-one-get-one-free deals. And then there’s your annual summer holiday to navigate, with all the cheap booze and pool bar cocktails in easy reach.

If you’re newly sober, or trying to be, you might feel as if you’re missing out. This can seem like a really stupid time of year to be trying to stop – but honestly, it isn’t! If alcohol is making you miserable, then now is the perfect time to quit. Here’s why:


pink1-minYou have enough energy to make the most of the long days.

I always feel that sobriety has given me extra hours in the day and this seems especially true in summer, with the bright, sunny mornings and warm evenings. At this time of year there’s always loads of stuff to do. When you’re busy, drinking makes it really hard to juggle everything – and there’s nothing worse than dealing with a raging hangover on a hot day.



It’s much easier to get bikini ready.

It doesn’t matter how carefully you eat during the day, if you’re pouring a bottle of wine down your neck every night it will hinder your weight loss efforts. Not only are you consuming hundreds of empty calories, but you’re much less likely to exercise the next day. A bottle of wine contains around 600 calories. Cutting that out of your diet means you can easily enjoy an ice cream (or two) and still lose weight.


pink3A-minYou’ll feel much better.

Sobriety does wonders for your self esteem. When you stop hiding behind alcohol and start showing the world your true self, your confidence grows. Plus, you’ll look better too. Sobriety brings with it better sleep, clearer skin and brighter eyes – welcome side effects at any time of year, but all the more so in summer.


pink4a-minYou’ll have more spare cash.

It’s always handy to have more money for summer clothes or a holiday. And if you do go away, not drinking means you’re far less likely to miss your flight, lose your passport or leave something really important behind in your hotel room!


pink5A-minYou can experience more.

This is the big one. With heavy drinking comes a shutting down of wider life experiences. We are so focused on the alcohol, on getting our fill, that we stop appreciating everything else. We miss the smaller things because alcohol holds our focus. Events and conversations slide by without us noticing. When we stop drinking, the world becomes a bigger place again. Sobriety really won’t hold you back or stop you from having fun this summer. If anything, it’ll just help you to live in the moment a bit more – and that’s a really good thing, right?


As always, I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments.

What makes sober summers so good for you? Let me know!


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