I hate being nagged to do stuff.

I don’t want to be guilt tripped, made to feel bad or like I ‘should’ change.

So that probably explains why I’ve been a bit reluctant to share this week’s blog.

I’d much rather inspire, than scare you into quitting drinking.

But… the topic I cover in this week’s video is really important. 

Key points

The risks to you

The risks that alcohol poses to you are so wide-ranging – from the risk to your health, to someone smelling alcohol on you or the risk of driving whilst over the limit. The risk of pretending to remember a conversation, saying something you didn’t mean, of hiding your drinks and being caught out.


The risks to others

If you’re drinking several glasses of wine, or a bottle, most nights then over the weeks and the months, that’s a significant portion of the day where you are checked out. If something happens or someone needs you, it’s hard to show up in the way you’d want to.


Why not take a risk on sobriety?

What are the risks that you’re taking with alcohol, day in, day out – and are they worth it? Personally, I decided they weren’t. So I decided to take a different type of risk and step out of my comfort zone by taking a break from booze. I’ve never looked back – it was a risk that truly paid off.


Looking for help and support to create an alcohol-free life you love? Click here to find out more about my Getting Unstuck programme.

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