“Alcohol has been my best friend for years.”

I saw this comment on one of my blog posts recently and it got me thinking.

There was definitely a time in my life when I thought the same thing.

Wine truly felt like a best friend. When all else failed, there was always booze.

But it was a toxic friendship… and that’s what I’m talking about in this week’s video.

Key points

Alcohol is a terrible best friend

It really doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t have your back. Just think of all the times when you’ve turned to alcohol for comfort and reassurance… and in return, it’s left you feeling anxious and depressed. How often has it stolen your time, energy and memories?


Start questioning your relationship

If any of your real life best friends behaved in the way alcohol does, you’d quickly re-evaluate the relationship, right? It’s time to start doing that here. Notice how often you slip into talking alcohol up, even when it’s tearing you down.


Friendships change

At some point or another you’ve probably had a real life friendship that came to an end. People change and grow and move on all the time. If you’re reading this, I suspect you might have outgrown alcohol. So perhaps it’s time to find a new best friend: sobriety.


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