It’s so sneaky, the way it happens.

All you’re doing is looking forward to your next glass of wine.

Perhaps you’re half way through a bottle? Or staring into an empty glass and wondering whether to have another?

You’re distracted… so you don’t realise a robbery is taking place.

Alcohol is quietly stealing genuine joy from you… but you might not even notice you’ve been robbed until much later on.

I explain everything in this week’s video.

Key points

How the robbery works

When you become convinced that alcohol brings with it genuine joy, you develop tunnel vision. You become less interested in other activities, because your primary focus is your next glass and whether you’ll be able to have as much as you want to. Without even realising it, you push aside other opportunities for happiness.

The next day, you feel hungover and remorseful. When you’re beating yourself up and feeling ill, the chances of experiencing spontaneous, organic joy are severely diminished. By the end of the day, the lure of alcohol is even greater… and so the cycle continues.


You deserve genuine happiness

Can you see the trap here? When you turn to alcohol to feel good, you end up overlooking many of the other things in life that bring you genuine joy. You stop appreciating your restaurant meal or time with friends, because your primary concern is getting more wine.

Life needs to be about more than the liquid that is or isn’t in your glass. That cannot be the one thing you look forward to all day or the thing that your world revolves around. Because the more you do that, the smaller life gets.


When life is tough

I know there’ll be someone reading this who thinks: “But there genuinely is no joy in my life right now! If you had my life you’d want to drink through it too!” I understand that line of thinking, but the harsh reality is that drinking is keeping you stuck.

Whilst you’re drinking, the thoughts you’re having about your challenging situation will be very hard to change. You probably won’t feel like taking any positive action or trying to figure out how to handle your life in another way… and so the cycle continues.


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