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Another Hidden Cost Of Drinking (Don’t Do This!)

If you’ve been thinking about stopping drinking for a while, then I suspect you already know what alcohol is costing your physical and mental health.

You know the cost of being hungover… and the countless repercussions that has for you.

You’ve probably noticed the cost of buying booze as well. It’s an expensive habit.

But there’s one other hidden cost that you need to watch out for, especially this week… I explain all in today’s blog.

Key points

Drunk shopping is big business

One in six UK adults has made an online shopping purchase whilst drunk and not remembered until the parcel arrives, according to this study. In the US, 17% of Americans say they’ve been under the influence whilst online shopping. This poll found that they spent an average of $309 each – the equivalent of $14 billion over the last 12 months!

Alcohol amplifies our sense of lack

A lot of people think drinking will relieve them of negative feelings they have about themselves or their life. But often that doesn’t happen. When you’re drinking, you’re far more vulnerable to those Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, because it seems as if they’re going to fill a void. You want the buzz of purchasing a bargain, but – when you’re already buzzed from booze – you just end up with buyer’s remorse.

Cost on top of cost

Work out how much you’re spending on alcohol right now. It’s good to put a precise figure on this. Calculate the cost for a typical month – the number might just surprise you. Of course, what’s harder to quantify is the (sometimes not so) hidden cost drinking has on your quality of life, physical appearance, health, wellbeing, relationships and your ability to make the most of life. Alcohol affects every area. We’re only here for a short time… so why not make it a good time, by not drinking?

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I founded The Sober School to show you there’s another way out of your shame that doesn’t involve AA or rehab. 


15 responses

  1. Thankyou Kate
    AF for only a few days but already I can see this was like a toxic relationship for me that the cost ( non financial) has been immense. Now sober I can see why my erratic behaviour pushed people away.
    Although regrettable the price has been paid and I am not going to dwell on this.
    Thankyou for your honesty because this has forced me to be honest with myself.

  2. The cost in relationships is my biggest regret. Although maybe I just choose the wrong relationships because my self esteem is so low???

  3. As a couple we were spending … at least £700 per month including drinking out. Probably more in reality. ESP when you consider the restaurants, bars, taxis…. And indirectly, from lost time and not getting the work done that I want to do. I use I AM SOBER app. Sober 8 days today.

    1. Pardon the pun, but it’s sobering when you break it down into cold, hard cash! Drinking is an expensive habit but investing in help to stop saves money in the long run. Take a look at my online course for some added motivation to keep going Natalie and well done on 8 days so far 🙂 https://thesoberschool.com/course/

  4. I was on the January 2023 course. I can’t thank Kate and Sober School Team enough!
    Nearly 11 months later my quit drinking app says 323 days and 19 hours sober. £2497.00 saved! That’s putting in details of wine at around £7 a bottle back in December 2022. I know it’s gone up in price a lot lately (so my drinking friends tell me). Those savings are without all the silly purchases I bought in the shop with the bottle of wine every night, so that people would think I needed milk – not alcohol! Keep going ladies – it’s so worth it!

    1. Wow Julie, that’s impressive! And congratulations on 11 months of freedom. That 12 month soberversary is just around the corner…❤️

  5. I can’t even get to one day. My online fights with complete strangers on social media is embarrassing. I’m strong all day till 4 in the afternoon when the cravings to drink start. Can’t believe I was sober for 4 years and now I’m back here and can’t even get to day one

    1. Hi Jacqueline, like you I cannot get to day one but I do admire all the ladies on here that have done it. I admire you too for at least getting to 4pm, if only I could manage that it would be a start!

    2. Remember that alcohol is addictive and often a habit, so if you’re fed up of trying to figure this out on your own – you’re in the right place. If you need some support to get started again, my online coaching programme would be a great fit for you. Here are the details: https://thesoberschool.com/course/

    3. Sorry to hear that Jacqueline. What made you start again after 4 years? I’m guessing you regret it or you wouldn’t be here?

  6. I hope this blog hits home for someone to be spared the reality of drunk spending. Great take on yet another great reason to stop drinking!
    I highly recommend this course! I’m 603 days in! Thank you, Kate!

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