It’s not very often that I have an epiphany about sobriety whilst watching a romantic comedy 😂

I’d normally be reluctant to take ANY major life lessons from these movies…

But the other day I was watching Bridget Jones’s Diary (the first one and best one, I think)

The relationship between the main characters got me thinking about the way we treat alcohol and sobriety…

Confused? Don’t be! I explain all in this video. 

Key points:

Sobriety doesn’t seem very sexy – to begin with

If alcohol and sobriety were cast in a cliched romantic comedy, alcohol would be the bad guy who charms the girl, makes big promises, but ultimately lets her down. Sobriety would be the good guy who doesn’t seem quite so slick and sexy to begin with.

Just think about all the movies where the two main love interests start out hating or overlooking each other. But you know they’re going to get it together. What I’m saying is: sobriety is a major lifestyle upgrade and a great life partner. It just doesn’t seem that way at first!


There’s rarely an ‘ah ha’ moment with sobriety

In most rom coms, there’s a sudden moment of clarity where something dramatic happens. People race off to declare their feelings and make everything right. With alcohol, it’s easy to assume the same will happen – that we’ll suddenly know when it’s time to quit. 

The truth is, there’s rarely a moment where all the stars align and you feel certain that you’re ‘doing the right thing’. But that’s ok – it’s normal to be unsure about sobriety. All you really need is a willingness to take a break and get started. Test drive sobriety and see what happens next.


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