When I was trying to quit drinking, I kept coming up against the same problem.

Stopping from Monday to Thursday was ok. It was more or less achievable (unless I had a super stressful week.)

But the weekends? They were totally different.

For a long time, I just couldn’t get my head around the idea of being sober on a Friday and Saturday night.

And yet every Monday started the same way: with me regretting how much time I’d wasted drinking and feeling hungover.

I wish I’d known back then just how amazing alcohol-free weekends can be. They’re a MASSIVE lifestyle upgrade.

If you need some inspiration to make next weekend different from the last, this blog is for you.


Here are 8 reasons not to drink next weekend.


1. You’ll give your body what it really needs

By the end of the week, most of us are tired. Drinking can seem comforting because it provides a brief, artificial high – but then what happens? You sleep badly and don’t get the rest you need.

Listening to your body and going to bed early on a Friday might not sound very rock n roll, but hey – passing out on the sofa isn’t exactly wild either!


2. You can relax properly

Here’s something you’re missing out on when you drink: the feeling of genuine, real life relaxation. It’s so different from the fake sensation created by booze. Drinking actually puts your body under a lot of stress, as the author Jason Vale explains:

“Alcohol causes low blood sugar, drains the body of water, overworks the liver, pancreas and kidneys and leeches oxygen from the brain. That doesn’t sound very relaxing to me…”


3. You’ll actually get stuff done

As a drinker, I should’ve won medals for my ability to procrastinate. Boring, straightforward chores morphed into gigantuan tasks that were put off until the very last second.

These days, that kind of stuff gets done and dusted with the minimal amount of fuss. That means I have time to do what I really want to do, which brings me on to my next point…


4. You’ll have more time for fun stuff

Alcohol is such a time thief. A large chunk of my weekend used to be spent drinking, recovering from drinking or doing my other favourite hobby – beating myself up about my drinking! It took up SO much time.

In sobriety, the weekends feel longer and more fulfilling, because you have time to actually do the things you enjoy and make the most of your precious time off.


5. You’ll follow through on your promises

You know that thing you said you’d help your friend with? The Saturday morning park run you’ve been meaning to do for ages? And that family meal you promised you’d organise?

It’s really hard to show up for yourself or other people when your weekend is controlled by a drug that makes you forgetful, sluggish and ultimately not yourself.


6. You’ll have more quality time with the people you care about

Perhaps you’re not able to spend much time with your children or partner during the week, because life is dominated by school runs, homework, commuting, making dinner etc.

If you live for the weekends and love spending time with your family, why let alcohol take you away from them? Why numb out and make that time together less memorable?


7. You’ll lose the Sunday night blues

Alright, so being sober doesn’t mean you’ll skip into work on Monday morning, but you are going to feel so much better when you lose the hangxiety (yes it’s a real thing – read more here)

It’s horrible when Sunday evening rolls around and you’re feeling as tired as you were on Friday night and you’re beating yourself up for drinking too much.


8. You’ll feel so much happier

If you’re reading this after a weekend of heavy drinking, you already know how alcohol affects your self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing. Now take a moment to fast forward to next Monday.

Imagine how great you’ll feel knowing that you’ve made the most of your weekend, overcome a challenge, looked after yourself, followed through on your promises and dared to live life a little differently. It will be so worth it.


Now it’s your turn…

I’ve shared 8 reasons not to drink next weekend, but I’m sure there are many more. So let me know – what motivates you?

Start making a list and keep it close by, so you’re ready for next weekend.

If you need some support to make sobriety stick, click here for details of my online course 🙂


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