For a long time I didn’t want to quit drinking completely.

The idea of total sobriety felt very restrictive to me.

I was certain that if I could just find a way to control my drinking and “moderate properly”, I’d be happy.

Back then, what I didn’t realise is that moderation is actually more restrictive than quitting completely.

Don’t believe me? I explain all in this week’s video.

Key points

Making assumptions

It makes sense that we assume sobriety is depriving, because it’s about cutting something out. It seems as if moderation offers more freedom and the best of both worlds. However, not only does cutting down rarely work, it actually creates a more restrictive way of life than sobriety does.


The moderation fishbowl

Picture yourself inside a fishbowl, but also under the sea. Because you can see through the glass to the rest of the ocean, you don’t recognise that you’re limited by the bowl around you. You think you’ve got the freedom of the ocean… but you haven’t.


Why moderation is more restrictive

When you’re trying to moderate, you’re restricted as to how you live your life. You need to make sure you get your fix of alcohol (so you can be “happy”), but then you need to try to control your intake. Your world revolves around when and where you’ll have your next drink, and whether it’s just the one, or two… or more. This isn’t freedom!


Just imagine…

What if you could drive home from work, knowing that you don’t need to worry about whether or not you’ve got enough wine in the fridge because you’ve figured out another way to relax? Imagine going on date night and having a great time, no matter what liquid is in your glass. How freeing would that be?


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