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“Sobriety Makes Me Feel So Deprived...”
The thought of quitting drinking used to make me feel so deprived. Getting sober felt like signing up to a lifetime of missing out... and the more I thought about it, the worse it seemed. So how do you feel good about giving up booze if...
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You & Alcohol: What Has The Pandemic Taught You?
What has the pandemic taught us? It’s been a whole year since ‘normal life’ changed and we were told to stay at home. If your drinking has increased since then, you certainly aren’t alone. But what have you learned from...
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“But I Should Be Able To Drink If I Want To!”
“I should be able to drink if I want to!” Before I quit drinking, my brain spent a long time throwing a temper tantrum about it. Sobriety felt like something I “had” to do - and the whiny, two year old part of my brain was not happy. I thought...
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When You Can’t Imagine Living Life Without Booze
Before I quit drinking, I couldn't imagine what life would be like without booze in it. How would I cope with a bad day at work without drinking? I couldn't imagine going out at the weekend sober, or celebrating something special without...
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Playing The Movie To The End - Are You Doing It Right?
When you’re tempted to drink, playing the movie to the end is a good idea. This means forcing yourself to think about how things will really turn out, if you have “just one drink.” Because the truth is, it’s probably NOT going to be just...
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“I’m Not Lazy Or Stupid - Why Can’t I Figure This Out?”
“Why can’t I figure out how to quit drinking?” I must have asked myself that question so many times. In every other area of life, I was pretty good at making things happen. I wasn’t afraid of hard work and I considered myself to be a...
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“I Deserve A Glass Of Wine Tonight…”
"I deserve a glass of wine tonight!" As soon as the thought popped into my head I knew I’d be in trouble. When I was drinking, I always felt I deserved wine after a tough day. And if I’d had a good day? Well, I still deserved wine. If I was...
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Taste, Tolerance And Triggering Posts
A friend of mine posted this on Facebook last week: “After Dry January, my first glass of wine tastes like 80 per cent whisky.” It’s interesting because I’ve met people in long term sobriety who still mourn the taste of their favourite alcoholic...
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Don’t Forget To Tell The Other Side Of The Story
What's the story you tell yourself the most often? I've noticed that many of the women who are drawn to my work are very good at doing this: judging themselves, telling untrue stories about their capabilities, thinking negative thoughts...
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