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Is Social Media Keeping You Stuck?
When you open up Facebook or Twitter, what do you see? Posts that make you feel connected and happy, loved and supported? Or is it a stream of negativity, with endless memes about how it’s ‘always wine o’clock somewhere’?
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How To Stay Sober (When All Your Friends Drink)
The chances are that if you’re a big drinker, then your friends are too. We tend to surround ourselves with people who are just like us. But what do you do when you want to change ... and the people around you don’t?
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The #1 Strategy Almost Everyone Overlooks
I’ve got an important question for you today. When was the last time you tried to do something really, really challenging on your own, without any help or support and without telling anyone you know? It sounds a bit crazy, right?
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The benefits of hindsight
Imagine you could counsel your younger self: what words of advice would you offer? I’m reading a book at the moment in which numerous celebrities write letters to their teenage selves. From the hilarious to the heartfelt, there are some little nuggets...
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moderation myth-min
The moderation myth
It’s National Stop Smoking Day on Wednesday. The theme for this year is ‘proud to be a quitter’. I love this idea. In life we’re always told to never give up and to keep going - but when it comes to something like smoking, being a quitter is definitely...
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fighting fomo-min
Fighting FOMO
Whether it’s triggered by Facebook pictures of the party you weren’t invited to, or some news from your now-married ex, most of us will have experienced FOMO at some point. The Fear Of Missing Out is the social anxiety that comes from worrying that everyone...
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Sugar rush
I get lots of questions about sugar. Alcohol has tons of sugar in it and when you take the booze away, our bodies can really miss the sweet stuff. People who’ve spent years skipping dessert can suddenly find they want to inhale pints of ice cream or steal...
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Love and self care-2
Love and self care
It's very easy to hate Valentine’s Day when you’re single, like me. The sheer volume of saccharine, romantic propaganda can be a little overwhelming. Yesterday, my other single friends were keen to remind anyone who'd listen that the 14th February is...
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Amazing podcasts
Dry January might have been and gone, but for those of you who are serious about changing your drinking, the work continues. If you’re trying to drink less, take a break or quit for good, then you need to surround yourself with as much support as you...
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